10 Reasons Why 2021 Is Your Year to Get
New Windows

We all know that 2020 was the year of staying home, and let’s be honest, 2021 is feeling a bit like the sequel to 2020, so here are 10 reasons why 2021 is your year to get new windows:

  1. Reduce Energy Costs – Did you know that replacing your windows can help reduce energy costs? In addition to saving you money, you can also reduce how much energy you are consuming.

10 Reasons Why 2021 Is Your Year to Get New Windows

  1. Natural Sunlight – Having new windows allows natural sunlight to filter into your home that can help you get the vitamin D that long hours participating in Zoom meetings have deprived you of.
  2. Old Windows Leak More Air – Over time, windows lose some of their insulation, and because of that, air conditioning is more likely to leak out of your home, wasting valuable cold air and money.
  3. Old Windows Lose More Heat – The same way that cold air is lost due to a lack of proper insulation, heat disappears the same way. New windows also help trap in heat more efficiently, keeping your home warm without having to pay to heat your house 24/7.
  4. Increase Property Value – Like any home improvement, new windows will increase your property value significantly. Not only would you be reducing your energy bill, but your house will also be worth more.
  5. Soundproof – New, freshly insulated windows are an excellent source of soundproofing. When you are in back-to-back online meetings, the last thing you want is to hear your neighbor mowing his lawn or your children yelling while they play in the backyard.
  6. Old Windows are Leaky Windows- No more drafts or condensation leaks dripping on your windowsills!
  7. A Lasting Home Improvement Project- You’ve already organized all of your closets and sorted your pantry alphabetically. It’s time to take on a home improvement project that will last!
  8. Affordable- You might be surprised at just how affordable new windows can be, especially when you work with us at Crown Builders.
  9. You deserve it- Treat yourself to new windows by giving us a call today!