Dentil Moldings, Charlotte, NC

If you are looking for a classic look for your Charlotte, NC home, consider dentil moldings.


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Dentil moldings draw a lot of inspiration from ancient architectural styles from around the world. The word “dentil” comes from the Latin word for tooth, dens, and the design is a small block that repeats around the upper part of a molding. It is a visually appealing ornamental design style that started with Roman architect, Vitruvius. The first example of dentil moldings was on Darius’s tomb, and they are also visible in iconic temples, porticoes, and tribunes from thousands of years ago.

Since then, dentil moldings have been replicated in the design of buildings around the world. Some builders even use them on the inside or outside of homes, since they add elegance and style to any room. Traditionally, dentil moldings are white, although more modern designers are adding color or leaving the wood unpainted for an even more unique appearance. Some people choose to add dentil moldings to add a dramatic look and emphasize the exterior of a home with a sharp, pointed roof. Even some pieces of antique furniture have dentil moldings around the edges, since they add texture and style that fits well with all styles.

At Crown Builders in Charlotte, North Carolina, we can help you create a unique design that incorporates this classic style of dentil moldings into the interior or exterior of your home. They can improve the appearance of a porch, or surround the ceiling of your living room. If you are looking to add dentil moldings to your property, we can ensure that the finished product looks as good as the original examples from early architecture.

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