Your Partners in Remodeling Since 1992.

Our Process

Home renovation is a big deal. It’s your home, your investment, your place of peace. Our job is to keep it that way!

We improve your home with durable, attractive materials and skilful craftsmanship all while providing a wonderful remodelling experience.

Getting Started

We’ll listen, discuss, and set an appointment…

  • First, Someone from inside the Crown Builders office will listen to your project details that you have in mind, we will asses that we are a good fit for one another.
  • We’ll setup an appointment for one of our friendly project consultants to meet with you in your home. An appointment time will be identified that works the best with your schedule. For your convenience, appointments can be Monday – Saturday. We also send an email confirmation of the appointment day/time and the project consultant’s name (no photo).

Next, it’s time for us to meet and go over the project details…

Initial meeting

Our process begins with a meeting at your home to discuss the scope of your project. We’ll also do a detailed evaluation of your home.

When we meet with you for your initial appointment, we are listening to your wants and needs, we will assess for problems and solutions. We’ll take measurements and go over options and details.

Solutions, Preparation, and Design

We’ll design a solution-based plan of work to achieve desired outcome and success. Together, we’ll select high-quality materials, color pairings, and visualize your improved home.

Our project consultants utilize design software, idea books, photo galleries, and real material samples to help you choose the ideal products for your home.

There are numerous products samples and mini wall installations that you can walk through and view in our showroom. We can also bring samples and swatches to your home!

Visit our showroom

Get design inspiration like they have


The next step is our detailed proposal. We lay out the entire project and help you understand what to expect. This will include information about the materials, our qualifications, and assurances to help you make an informed decision.

The proposal will be presented to you for dialog and agreement.

We have easy and flexible financing options available!

Most estimates are free.

In some cases an inspection fee will apply.

If your home has sustained damage or may have concerning underlying issues, then we’ll need a closer look. In these situations there will be a standard home inspection fee based on the level of inspection. You’ll receive a detailed home inspection by a professional, which is your to keep regardless of whether or not you choose our services. If you do choose to partner with Crown Builders, then the inspection fee will be deducted from the project total. This is for your benefit to make sure issues are addressed and the project is a success!

Contract Signing & Communication

Throughout the entire project, we’re your partners in remodeling!

Once contract is agreed upon, our office will keep you informed. We tell you weeks in advance when you can expect the work to commence, and everything you need to know.

Project Installation

This is the fun part, when you get to start seeing everything come together.

We’ll communicate with you regularly and answer any questions you have along the way.

Our team stays in close contact with you and the crew the entire time. You’ll be connected with a friendly project manager to ensure things go smoothly at the job site. We’re your partners, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or express concerns. We want your entire remodeling experience to be as wonderful as possible.

Clean Up

It’s important to us that your home looks beautiful and feels like home after we leave. We clean up after the project and do a nail sweep to bring your home back to normal again. We haul away old building materials to a local recycle center.

Now, relax and enjoy the best room in your house… the great outdoors, and stare at that gorgeous Crown Builders improved house of yours!

Final Walk Through

A final walk through is conducted with your project manager and crew leader. We’ll also answer questions and go over how to use and care for your improved home.

The office will email you a final receipt and all warranty paperwork.

Follow Up and Assurance

Outstanding Awards

Certifications & Endorsements

Continued Support & Resource

We like to stay in touch. After the job is complete, we follow up to make sure everything is going well. You’ll also receive a third party survey. Your continued satisfaction is very important to us!

We’re also here to help you gain a thorough understanding of your new products. The resources section of our website is full of useful information to help you maintain your home and understand the different features & benefits of the materials we install.