Vinyl Siding Decisions You Won’t Regret

The material that clads your home is one that you want to be sturdy, protective, and most importantly, attractive! If you don’t like the way your home’s exterior looks, you will dislike coming home every day and dread seeing that unattractive exterior. Vinyl siding is one of the best options that you can use to update the exterior of your home, especially if you are looking for a long-lasting solution but are still on a budget. If you are considering vinyl siding, here are a few decisions that you won’t regret when going through the selection process.

First, choose a variety of materials for an artistic flare. While straight, horizontal siding is a can’t-go-wrong approach, using a variety of siding materials in the same shade, such as vinyl shakes, can provide a lot of visual interest and variety to the exterior look of your home.

Second, choose a color that matches the neighborhood. Even if you absolutely love a bright, bold color, if your entire neighborhood is soft neutrals, your home will stick out like a sore thumb. Pick a more neutral color that you enjoy and leave the bright and bold colors to your front door or accents.

Finally, choose a siding company with a good reputation for quality installation and quality products. Even if you have great products, poor installation will come back to haunt you. Choosing a great installer for your vinyl siding is something you’ll be glad you did.

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