Loose, Missing, Broken?
Signs You Need New Shingles

Look up at your ceiling. Are you getting a skylight effect in your home without actually having a skylight? If light is coming in through your roof, then you need new shingles. If light is getting in, water won’t be far behind.

Loose, Missing, Broken? Signs You Need New Shingles

Look back up at your ceiling– do you see any dark streaks or stains? These streaks and stains usually resemble wet marks left behind when a cup of water is spilled, and there is good reason for that. It means that water has wormed its way through gaps between your aging shingles and has seeped into the interior structure of your home.

Concerned about your roof, but still not entirely convinced that replacing your shingles is the way to go? Try doing a roof check. Does there appear to be rot around any of your tiles, or do they have a moldy look to them? Do any of them look loose? Rot and mold are a tell-tale sign that it is time to replace your shingles. Once shingles have rotted, they cannot be salvaged and must be thrown out and replaced in their entirety.

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