Windows are a beautiful part of any home since they bring in light and allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying safely inside. Large windows freshen up a room, while even small windows can add a sense of openness. Though windows seem to have a long life, there are signs that it might be time for window replacement, and it’s not usually as obvious as a broken window. Here are five signs that it’s time to replace your window.

Window Replacement: Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

1. You feel a draft. If you feel a draft while you are near a window, your window has worn out and is in need of window replacement. Sealing and weather-stripping the window will only result in a temporary fix, since sealants are known to expand and contract.
Window Replacement
2. The windows are hard to open or close. If you can’t open or close your windows, at all or easily, it’s time to invest in some new ones.

3. The windows get foggy or have condensation built up inside the glass. This is an indication of seal failure in double or triple paned windows. The seal has failed, allowing water in between the glass. This will leave condensation and calcium deposits, ultimately ruining your view.

4. You have high heating and cooling costs. If you find yourself with a large utility bill every month, it could mean that your windows are not energy efficient. This means that warm and cold air is travelling more freely between the outside and your home through your windows.

5. You know that your windows are old. Old windows are bound to have problems. Wood windows will eventually start to rot, and metal will rust. This will allow drafts and insects into your home. Old windows are also energy inefficient, so you are most likely paying higher costs on your utilities.

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