When it comes to adding value to your home, exterior remodeling can be a daunting task, yet it can also add the most monetary value to your property investment. Here are some projects that can add value to your home and are worth hiring our team at Crown Builders for.

When thinking about exterior remodeling, siding is always one of the first items of business on the list. Which siding is right for you and your home depends on taste, budget and personal preference.

  • Exterior RemodelingVinyl Siding: This form of siding is famous for its affordability and durability. It is fade-resistant and wears extremely well. Most manufacturers have impressive warranties and accessories to complement the siding of your choice. All of the above make vinyl siding one of the top choices for exterior remodeling projects.


  • HardiPlank Siding: This form of siding is more expensive than vinyl, but it is worth the additional cost in the long run. This siding is made up of a sand and cement composite and is known particularly for its hardiness in extreme weather, and the fact that it is non-combustible, allowing for it to maintain its integrity during extreme heat or fire. These are great reasons for its use in exterior remodeling projects, but perhaps even more enticing is the fact that HardiPlank siding can be made to mimic any other detailed form of siding. This allows for personal style and preference to meet strength, durability, and safety, making this a top choice for exteriors.


  • Window Replacement: Replacing old, leaky windows with new ones not only improves the aesthetic & curb appeal of your home, but also improves energy efficiency. The Efficient Windows Collaborative states that you may save up to $450/year if you switch out older single-pane windows for energy efficient double-paned windows in a 2,150 sq. ft. dwelling. The replacement of your old windows will not only be an exterior remodeling project that is pleasing to the eye, but pleasing to your wallet as well.


  • Roof Replacement: This is also a serious consideration when conducting your exterior remodeling project. A new, professionally installed roofing system can not only be pleasing visually, but also invaluable to a potential homebuyer because it puts their mind at ease about looming replacement costs. Updating your roof is a home improvement that will be worth hiring a professional for.

When thinking about home improvement and exterior remodeling projects, contact our friendly and expert staff here at Crown Builders. We are exterior remodeling professionals and would be happy to extend our advice to you with a free estimate on your project. We won’t be happy until you are satisfied.