There are several different types and styles of home windows. In fact, there are so many different combinations of home windows to choose from that you’ll never be left having to settle. Here is a small guide to the different types and styles of home windows.

bow windows

• Casement Windows — Casement home windows are widely used. The window itself is made up of one or more opening casements that are hinged along one side. There are also side and top-hung casement windows available.

• Double-Hung Windows — Boasting a traditional design, double-hung home windows are two vertical windows that slide together to open. Typically made with wood or vinyl, they can also be made to tilt for easy access to cleaning.

• Awning Windows — These windows have hinges along the top with newer, more modern models using friction hinges at either end of the top edge. In both styles, the bottom edge of the window swings open.

• Horizontal Sliding Windows — These home windows slide open horizontally and can feature two or more window panes that offer good ventilation.

• Bi-fold Windows — Bi-fold windows feature two or more panels that fold onto themselves.

• Skylights — Skylights generally allow more light to come in from above and can let in more light than traditional home windows, since they provide direct access to sunlight.

• Window Materials — Most window styles are available in a wide range of materials, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages in appearance and maintenance.

– Wood: A traditional pick for home windows, since it is so versatile. You are able to paint wood windows or give them a natural finish.

– Aluminum: An excellent option if you want a thin frame that can support a large expanse of glass.

– Vinyl: Offers excellent heat and sound insulation and requires little maintenance.

– Combination Materials: Home window materials do not have to be straight-forward. In fact, aluminum windows can have a wooden core, or steel casements can be housed inside wooden frames.


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