How to Choose the Best Home WindowsThere are many different options to choose from when selecting home windows. There are a variety of styles and purposes for each type of window. It’s helpful to know what options are available and how each type of home windows might perform once installed.

Here is a description of different options and when to choose which type of home window:

  • Casement windows refer to windows that are encased in a frame. They can be attached to the frame of the window at the top, on the sides, or on the bottom. These windows can be a great way to add ventilation without having to have a wide-open window.
  • Bay windows protrude from the exterior of your home. They are usually tall and can be a wonderful place for a reading nook or window seat.
  • Bow windows are similar in structure and functionality to bay windows. They also protrude from the home, but they are less angled. Bow and bay windows also provide a lot of natural light to a room.
  • Slider windows refer to windows that slide from side to side. They are another excellent choice in areas where you want to add ventilation and a modern look.
  • Double-hung windows can slide open from the top and bottom. They are an excellent choice in areas where you want improved ventilation.

As you learn more about each of these types of home windows, it will help you decide what you want for each space in your home. You may want a certain type of window in the living room and a different type of window in your kitchen. That is the beauty of each of these options, though. You can choose what works best for each area and create a home that is your own.