Windows are an important part of every home; they can bring warmth, light, and openness to any room. Windows even come in different shapes and colors, adding historical or modern design to homes’ features. Besides the different shapes of windows, one might be unaware how many different types of windows there are.

Windows in Charlotte, NC

• Bay Windows. If you dream of having a reading nook by a window in your home, a bay window is the addition you have been searching for. Bay windows extend outside of your home creating a nice “bay” area on the inside that can be used for plants, sitting, or other décor purposes. Bay windows add value to your home because of the versatile design and the increased light and ventilation.

• Bow Windows. Bow windows, like bay windows, extend outside of your home. Instead of the bay that is created with bay windows, bow windows create a more gradual “bow” area. This allows a wide viewing area, and a lot of natural light is allowed to enter.

• Casement Windows. Casement windows have hinges on one side, which allows the window to open completely. These windows provide a lot of natural light, and when opened, they allow fresh air in to freshen your home. Casement windows are hard to break through or open from the outside, making them a great security solution.

• Garden Windows. Garden windows act as a greenhouse, making the window space the perfect spot for plants. These windows extend outside of the home to create a large area for plants to sit and grow with ample light and fresh air.

• Double-Hung Windows. The most common type of window in homes, double-hung windows offer versatility and ease of cleaning. They are called double-hung because these windows are made up of two panels, where the bottom panel has the ability to slide up and down. These are perfect for security and added airflow to your home.

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