If you have thought about listing your home for sale, or feel depressed whenever you pull into your driveway because of your old or worn home, exterior home improvement is just what you need. You can give your home the facelift that it needs to be a star on your street instead of an eyesore. Here are six ways that exterior home improvement will better your life.

1) You will be happier. If your home is drab on the outside, you probably feel a sense of sadness or regret whenever you pull into your driveway. Maybe you look at beautiful homes on your street or online and become even more depressed. It’s time to take the step of exterior home improvement, because not only will you improve your home, you will improve your happiness.

Six Ways Exterior Home Improvement Will Better Your Life

2) It could inspire the neighbors. If you have neighbors that also suffer from the load of an unsightly home, they could be inspired by your exterior home improvement. This could cause a chain reaction, giving your entire street or neighborhood a facelift and instant market value increase.

Exterior Home Improvement, Charlotte NC3) Increase your home’s market value. When you start considering selling your home, updating the interior is usually what sellers focus on. It’s true that the interior of a home is important, but if the exterior isn’t eye catching it might be hard to make the sell. With exterior home improvement, your home will have immediate curb appeal to potential buyers.

4) Increase your neighborhood’s market value. Not only will updating your home’s exterior give your home an increased market value, but it may also increase the value of your neighbors’ homes. If your neighbor is trying to sell their home, potential buyers are also looking at the area surrounding the home. When the home next to the one they are considering is an eyesore, it could kill their enthusiasm.

5) Give you pride of ownership. After an exterior home improvement, you might be the one to volunteer to host the next neighborhood barbecue! By adding a modern and attractive facelift to your home, you will want to show off your beautiful home instead of running inside to hide.

6) Make your home more energy efficient. If you are currently living in an older home, chances are it’s not very energy efficient. If you were to update your home with vinyl siding, it would act as an extra layer of insulation and you could witness an immediate drop in your utility bills.

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