James HardieIf you’ve heard about the benefits of HardiePlank siding, you know that it is one of the leading choices in siding on today’s market. But who exactly is James Hardie, and how did he create one of the leading building products in the world? Here are a few basic facts about James Hardie and his company:

James Hardie was a native of Scotland who immigrated to Australia in 1888. After beginning a business in tanning hides and the imported oils industry, he convinced his friend Andrew Reid to join him so they could go into business together. Their experience in commercial shipping led to the development of a business that quickly gained success.

In the mid-1980s, James Hardie led the way through the development of fiber-cement technology and used this new item to develop durable building products for residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. He eventually expanded his business globally and became a leader in strong, durable, and versatile building products around the world.

Although James Hardie retired in 1911, his company has continued to expand and grow under the leadership of his partner Andrew Reid’s family, making HardiePlank siding and many more of their products a popular and reliable option for consumers to this day.

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