logo_profileA lot of homes are built to act as basic living quarters, giving the resident the chance to transform the home into the castle that they dream of. Some find it hard to look at a plain wall and decide how to dress it up, and seldom do they consider trim & moldings.

Trim & moldings add character and class to a home, giving it warmth and style. Instead of a boring and sharp square room, trim & moldings will smooth out the edges, and take one’s mind away from the plain and cold basic design.

Molding, or more commonly known as crown molding, is most generally used for capping walls and cabinets. The most common place you will view crown molding is where the wall meets the ceiling in a home. Moldings are either made of plaster or wood, and can be painted over in the same color, a coordinating color, or even a contrasting color to create the desired look and feel of a room.

Trim is a more decorative type of molding that is most commonly used around openings. Trim can be added to the perimeter of doors, to part of a wall, or an entire wall as pictured above. There are many different types of trim designs, including square, rectangle, or ornamental. Ornamental trims are mostly observed in older homes, but are making a comeback due to their unique beauty and art.

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