When you hear about people replacing their old appliances with new energy efficient ones, oftentimes they will talk about how much money they are saving in their utility payments.  You may wonder if the same thing goes with replacing your old house windows with new energy efficient windows.  New appliances that are energy efficient are usually a bit more expensive than non-energy-efficient appliances.  The extra cost of the energy efficient appliances pays off in the savings in utility bills after a relatively short time, though.

People who replace their house windows with energy efficient windows usually shave off 7-15% from their utility bills. Replacing windows can be quite a bit more expensive than replacing appliances.  If you need to replace your windows, it is best to replace them all at once, or at least all the windows on one side of the house at the same time, to keep up the attractiveness of your house.  It can look pretty unattractive if you have only a few new windows because it will make the old windows stand out.  Due to the extra expense of replacing several house windows at once, it will take longer to close the gap of the extra cost of energy-efficient windows and having lower utility payments.  However, if you do need to replace most or all of your house windows, it is best to replace them with energy efficient windows.  You will just need to plan ahead and even save up some money before you do so.

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