Double-Hung WindowsBeing a homeowner may sometimes feel overwhelming.  Your responsibilities include keeping everything in perfect (or nearly perfect) working order at all times.  This includes everything from the water heater to the kitchen sink.  After your fifth trip to the hardware store for the week, you may find yourself wishing that your home was self-improving.  That would be easier and cheaper than making you run to the store dozens of times.  While we can’t offer you a magical, self-improving house, we can offer you the next best thing.

Choosing to use materials of the highest quality in your home will help you keep your maintenance costs to a minimum.  One of the best ways to keep your home looking ship shape is through maintaining your windows.  This takes time and effort, but the amount varies depending on the type of windows you have.  If you are interested in low-maintenance, high quality windows, double-hung windows may be your answer.

While there are many benefits unique to double-hung windows, here are three to consider:

1. Easy to Clean: Most double-hung windows tilt-out on the top and bottom, thus making cleaning a breeze.

2. Energy Efficient: Double-hung windows are made with high-quality glass and are able to utilize additional weather stripping, thus making them more energy-efficient.  Add to this the increased ventilation that can be had with double-hung windows, and you could see a reduction in your energy bills.

3. Secure: Double-hung windows can be opened to varying levels and can be equipped with locks for each level, thus increasing your security.

If you are interested in being efficient with your time and money, check out our double-hung windows at Crown Builders.  Discover the freedom great quality provides!