If you are in the market for new windows for your home, you may want to consider having custom windows made. As individualistic as you are, your home can also be unique with custom windows that reflect who you are and your design style. Here are some reasons why custom windows would be a great decision for your home.

  • Custom Windows in Charlotte, NCDesign opportunity: When choosing custom windows, you have the unique opportunity to choose something that will forever be unique to your home. Whether it’s a special shape, patterned glass, or other decorative designs, the windows you choose are only limited by your imagination.
  • Endless options: Custom windows ensure that you get everything you are looking for in your home’s windows; something that you can’t get from pre-packaged windows. You can choose any or all options, including noise control and security, decorative patterns, glazed glass, tinting, and more.
  • Energy savings: Having custom windows installed also means you have the unique opportunity to upgrade your home’s windows to energy-efficient models. Energy efficient custom windows are able to keep air from entering or leaving the home, making your home’s heating and cooling systems work more effectively. These custom windows not only look great, but can save you large amounts of money on your energy costs.

Personalized service and installation: Never underestimate the value of having your home’s windows professionally installed by a licensed contractor. By choosing us at Crown Builders, you can ensure that your custom windows are properly measured, fitted, and installed, saving you from air leaks, damage from the elements, and from compromising the warranties.