Choosing Mastic Siding for Your Home

When you want to improve the exterior of your home, sometimes you need to change more than just the plants and the color of the mailbox! Changing out old and outdated materials for some new mastic siding is a great choice for many reasons. Here at Crown Builders, we are very fond of the durability of mastic siding, as well as its other advantages, a few of which we would like to share with you.

new mastic siding is a great choice

For durability in siding, you can’t beat mastic siding! With its ability to withstand strong winds, hail, rain and other elemental issues, mastic siding rarely has issues with breaking, splitting or peeling off after strong winds. It can even stand up to harsh and direct sunlight without fading!

Another reason we love mastic siding is that bugs and other critters do not care for it! Bugs and critters do not find mastic siding appealing, making it a far less delicious and appealing choice when it comes to other materials. Instead of worrying about termites or rodents chewing their way right into your home, you can sleep easy.

Finally, we love mastic siding because of how it treats your home. Not only is it very protective, but it also is a great insulator, providing an extra layer of comfort. It’s like putting a sweater over your home! It is also incredibly easy to maintain, making it easy for you as well. All you need to do for mastic siding is just spray it every so often with a hose. That’s it. No painting, no priming — just a spray with the hose!