Window Trim in Charlotte, North CarolinaWindow trim is designed to keep moisture and air out of your home. It is generally placed between the window and the structure of your home for protection from these elements. Exterior window sills added to the trim can be beneficial in pulling water and rainfall away from the windows of your home and preventing water damage. However, trim isn’t just designed for the sole purpose of protecting your home. Window trim can drastically change the look of your home in a way that enhances its curb appeal and draws positive attention to it.

Historically used in Greek architecture, window trims were used as decorative features around windows to help a building make a grand statement. Traditionally, we use window trim for the same purpose — to make a statement and add character.

The trim that you use around the windows of your home can complement its other colors and add a finished traditional look. Adding other elements around your windows, such as shutters, pediments, or window sills, can add additional appeal and character. Similarly, you can also add trim and accessories to your windows that contrast the colors of your home so that a more modern or decorative look is established.

Regardless of your style and the window trim and accessories that appeal to you, give us a call or stop by and see us today. With close to two decades of experience in your area, we have the knowledge and skills needed to help you enhance the overall look of your home.