3 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Looking at Roofing Companies

Like the foundation of your property, the roof is an essential part! This protective structure needs to be whole and functioning in order to protect the rest of your home, from the attic to the upper floors and right down to foundation. If there is an issue with your roof, you’ll need to call some roofing companies right away to get the issue remedied. When sleuthing out which roofing companies to hire and which ones to avoid, look for these red flags:

Experienced roofing companies

1.   Lack of experience– Even though some people learn fast, that doesn’t mean that you want someone performing their first roofing work on your roof. Roofing companies that have years or decades of experience working with roofing of your type (metal, shingle, tile, etc.) will almost always do a better job than a roofing company with very little experience. Experienced roofing companies can also work more efficiently than less experienced roofers, allowing you to get back to normal faster.

2.   Poor customer service– Does the roofing company you are talking with return your calls? Do they understand your concerns and explain the issues in a knowledgeable fashion? Do they show up on time and clean up afterwards? Doing a good job on your roof is one thing, but it’s the little extras that can make all the difference.

3.   Extremely low or high quotes- Roofing companies that give you a quote that seems far too low aren’t doing this to be kind and give you a break; they are doing this to secure the job! Once they have you under contract, they might hike up labor costs, find hidden reasons to charge you more, or just do shoddy work.

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