Four Types of Patio Doors

Whether you are looking to replace your existing patio door or install a new one, there are many options to choose from. From an opening standpoint, there are two main types– patio doors either slide or swing open. Sliding doors are huge space savers, while swinging doors are generally more secure.

Four Types of Patio Doors

Overall, there are four different styles of patio doors:

  • French doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Multi-slide patio doors
  • Bifold patio doors

The biggest difference between the four styles of patio doors is how they function. French doors are hinged doors with glass panels. They either have a single panel or are comprised of multiple panels. The doors generally swing out, but can swing inward. One door can be a fixed point, or both can be operable. French doors are also more secure, since they have a deadbolt.

Sliding doors are easy to use and don’t take up any floor space inside or outside your home. The solid glass panels let light into your home and give an unobstructed view of your patio or yard. Sliding doors usually have a latch as a locking mechanism, which isn’t as secure as the French door’s deadbolt.

Multi-slide patio doors offer increased functionality and a true indoor/outdoor space. These patio doors can slide to the left, right, or stack. They are often used to assist with airflow in your home.

Bifold patio doors are similar to multi-slide doors, but they function a little differently. Instead of sliding into a stacking position, these doors are connected and stack on top of one another, much like bifold closet doors. You can fully open them for the ultimate indoor/outdoor experience.

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