Columns in Charlotte, North CarolinaThroughout history, architects have added certain elements to homes to create stability and structure.  Columns generally are included in a home to support the weight of the walls and roof and to provide stability to these elements. Patio columns are generally included in a home’s structural design to support the patio roof and enhance the stability of the porch. Found most commonly in ancient Greek and Roman architecture, columns were added as an elaborate decorative design to add detail and contrast to a building while fulfilling a structural need.

Modern design elements and styles have changed the way patio columns can complete the architectural style of a home. With designs in various shapes, you can complete the style of your home and create a welcoming and inviting patio or porch. Patio columns can also be made out of various materials to achieve the look you are in search of to complement the architectural style of your home. With everything from rock and brick to decorative metal, you can create a simple, yet inviting patio column or go with an elaborate design that makes a statement.

If you would like to update your existing patio columns or are looking to create a different architectural style and would like to add columns to your patio or porch, give us a call. Our knowledgeable and skilled design team is ready to assist you with creating the perfect columns to complete the style of your home.