3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Exterior Doors

Although you may not think about it, the exterior doors of your home play a big role in its overall appearance and security. From a visual standpoint, your exterior doors are prominent focal points of your home’s exterior, and are a big part of visitors’ first impressions. From a security standpoint, your exterior doors are the main access points into your home, so it’s important that they be able to stand up to potential intruders. Our team here at Crown Builders wants to help you keep your home beautiful and safe, so in this article we’ll be going over three things to consider when choosing new exterior doors.

keep in mind when choosing exterior doors
  • Style- Starting with the design side of things, one thing you should keep in mind when choosing exterior doors is whether they fit into your home’s architectural style or not—for example, a sleek steel door would look out of place on a painted lady Victorian home. This doesn’t mean that you’re stuck to a set of defined, narrow possibilities, but it does mean that you should think about how the doors are going to work with the other elements of your home’s overall look.
  • Material- Another thing that you should consider when choosing exterior doors is the material they are made of. Do you want a steel door for maximum security, or do you prefer the design possibilities offered by something like wood or fiberglass? We at Crown Builders can help you select the exterior doors to satisfy your design sensibilities and your need to protect your home.
  • Placement- When choosing exterior doors, you should also think about where they will be installed, and the weather conditions that they may be exposed to in that spot. One example of why this matters is that traditional wood doors are prone to warping and shrinking when exposed to moisture or sudden changes in temperature, and therefore work best in covered areas. You can consult with our team about the placement of your new doors to get our expert advice on what options would work best in your specific conditions.