Garden WindowsIf you have been looking for a way to add light to a room and accommodate your love of gardening, we think garden windows are for you.

Garden windows are a beautiful addition to any home. Pinterest is littered with ideas on how to accommodate a garden window in your home, and all of the different types of indoor gardening ideas that benefit best from garden windows.

Garden windows resemble bay windows, but with panes of glass all around. They look very similar to a miniature greenhouse, but in your home. They offer plenty of sunlight and fresh air to create the perfect environment and conditions for house plants and home garden projects, even during colder weather. Garden windows brighten any room in your house. A lot of homeowners like to have garden windows installed above their kitchen sinks. Imagine taking the dreary out of doing dishes by staring dreamily out your own garden in the window.  If you are into spicing up your kitchen, imagine growing your own little herb garden right in your kitchen using your garden windows.

Garden windows are also energy-efficient. Made with quality glass, they stay warm in the winter and allow for cool breezes and ventilation during warmer months.

If you are looking for a light-creating feature in your home, garden windows are a serious consideration. Wouldn’t it be great to have for next winter? (Yes, we don’t want to think that far ahead, but it’s best to be prepared right?)

Garden windows for your home are an excellent project for this spring. Don’t hesitate; start planning your garden window project now. Here at Crown Builders, we are experienced professionals in the business of professionally installed garden windows. Give us a call– we have nearly 20 years of excellent service and will help you find the window that best suits your needs.