Garden WindowsNot everyone relishes the idea of a full vegetable garden on their property, but nearly everyone likes to enjoy flowers and/or some fresh herbs to cook with. Having a garden outdoors for these things is not always a feasible option. Space constraints, weather issues, health issues, and even community regulations can interfere. The ideal solution is to put in garden windows, which are making a lot of sense to busy families these days.

Garden windows are similar to bow or bay windows in that they jut out from the home. They are built a bit smaller generally and may have side windows that open for ventilation. They also often have one or more shelves, so you can place various pots in the space.

It might seem like putting what is basically a greenhouse on the side of your home is not an energy-efficient way to go, but with the garden windows on the market today, that is far from being of concern. In the past ten years, the quality has vastly improved – so much so that if you touch the window, it will be the same temperature as the inside of your home. In fact, if you replace an old window with an energy-efficient garden window, you could save money on your utility costs.

Garden windows can be placed just about anywhere in your home. Consider one in the kitchen for keeping herbs close at hand. Imagine flowers close by in a multitude of rooms! The only thing to watch out for is that you do not place them where they will be in the way outside the home.

If you would like to know more about garden windows for your Charlotte, North Carolina home so you can enjoy herbs and flowers all year long, give us a call at Crown Builders. We’ll be happy to show you what we can do to give you the enjoyment of a garden without dealing with rain or regulations.  If a few herbs on the windowsill just aren’t enough, let us solve the problem for you.