Flat Rubber Roofing, Charlotte, NC

Flat Rubber Roofing is a Great Option for Charlotte, NC Homes with Flat Roofs, Since it Provides a Seal Against Leaks and Keeps Out the Heat from the Sun During the Summer.

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If your home is in an area that gets snow during the winter, you might have leaks during the colder months if your flat roof isn’t watertight. Flat rubber roofing is a great option for homes with flat roofs, since it provides a seal against leaks and keeps out the heat from the sun during the summer. Flat roofs typically have some type of gutter system, since the heavy collection of rainwater can cause the roof to cave in.

Flat rubber roofing is typically composed of recycled tires and types of dust from natural materials, such as slate and wood. Rubber roofing also comes in shingle form, which is more durable and resistant to cracking than traditional shingles. Certain types of flat rubber roofing also resist the damage caused by the sun, which can increase the lifespan of the roof by many years. Some homeowners choose gravel for their flat roofs, but this makes it very difficult to locate the source of a leak, if you start to notice wet spots. Some varieties of flat rubber roofing are seamless, as wide as 50 feet, so you won’t have a lot of unsightly lines in your roof.

At Crown Builders, we offer flat rubber roofing at reasonable prices in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and our team of professionals can come to your home and talk to you about the advantages of this type of roofing.

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