HardiePlank Siding, Concord, NC

HardiePlank siding has many benefits over other types of exterior cladding.

Just a few generations ago, the only real options for exteriors were brick and wood plank siding. Most homes had either of these options or sometimes a combination of the two. In order to keep wood exteriors looking good and repelling pests, they needed to be painted, re-painted, and then painted again! This job usually took days, lots of time in the sun, and several trips up and down a ladder for even the simplest styles of homes. Once aluminum and vinyl siding came along, homeowners everywhere rejoiced that there was an option for their exteriors that would keep them from painting their homes. Since that time, an even better option for home exteriors has come along: HardiePlank siding.

HardiePlank Siding in Concord, North Carolina

HardiePlank siding is made from durable materials, namely sand and concrete. These materials in their basic construction leave this material not only durable, but resistant to things like pests and even fire. Unlike other siding materials, when rough winds and storms arise, you won’t find damage from strong winds or hail to HardiePlank siding.

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In addition to being incredibly durable, HardiePlank siding is also applauded for its longevity. While most products today are made to be short-lived and disposable in order to keep costs down, HardiePlank siding is made to last. The warranties (that are transferrable) can start at a minimum of 50 years.  With made-to-last coloring, you can feel confident your HardiePlank siding will look fantastic for decades to come.

HardiePlank needs to be installed by experienced professionals, so if you are interested in this product for your Concord, North Carolina home, please contact us at Crown Builders today.





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